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Someone in Need

July 11, 2008
By Anonymous

All the youth of the Second Ward had gathered to help a new widow, who couldn’t take care of her yard. It was overrun with tall, scratchy, yellow grass and her fence was in horrible repair, with paint chipping.

Before I move on, let me explain something. I am a member of the LDS church, and in the LDS church, the youth, that is, everyone from 12-18, have what is called a youth council. In it we usually do something spiritual, to help us gain a better testimony. Well this year we decided to go and help Sister Bradford.

In the Second Ward, we have about forty youth, and when we get all the leaders, parents, and moms together, we have a pretty large group.

So we decided to meet at four thirty to go and work for about three hours. Well, when we got down there, we divided up into groups, some taking the fence and starting to paint, some more gathering old wood and broken debris into piles, while the rest grabbed rakes and raked up the tall yellow grass.

We had people there with lawnmowers cutting down grass, then the people with rakes with scoop it into big piles, which we loaded into the back of several trucks.

A small group of girls helped repaint a swing, and for the entire time, whether you were raking, painting, or hauling broken up wood to a truck, you couldn’t help but feel good.

And for dinner, we had the traditional hot dogs and sloppy joes, with all the chips you can eat.

At the end of the project, the yard was neat and trimmed, the fence was nice and shiny, and the people felt good for helping Someone in Need.

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I'm LDS as well, and I'm so grateful that yall helped out Sister Bradford, even though I don't know her, I am grateful for your service. <3