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Change Starts with One Small Step

February 21, 2017
By Tigerwriter757 SILVER, Merritt Island, Florida
Tigerwriter757 SILVER, Merritt Island, Florida
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It is not your heart that truly tells you what is right, it is the passion guiding your heart that fuels your dreams. Community service is not only about passion, it is about commitment. By putting your faith and your help in others, it gives you a highlighted respect for others who truly understand that the world isn’t perfect. We all make mistakes, whether it’s our own or others, it’s not uncommon. But the ones who choose to help mend those mistakes, are the ones who receive a greater advantage to their world and with others. I learned that this is true about the world, and about others. With everything my community has given me, such as school, home, and my family’s jobs, it is only fair that I give back. I’ve always been taught that there is always a debt to be found somewhere in the world, but one small step towards it, is a large step in the right direction.

I contributed to multiple causes with physical help, such as the Sea Turtle Preservation Society, NASA, Brevard Zoo, local food banks, an art class for aspiring artists, and my own school. By researching local activities, I learned that the world is more than just a place with terrible things. It is a place of hope and hard work. It is a place of logic, but sympathy. We are all together on this planet for a reason. That reason is not to tear each other apart for the latest and greatest, it is to help others and form lifelong friendships that form the type of person you are. That is where your heart rests, and where my heart, bloomed.

I went to one specific organization that caught my attention, the food pantry, and searched out answers that relayed a story about who we are. In a nation of selfishness and half-heartedness, I managed to find the people who will walk miles and miles once a week to provide for their family. I volunteered in partner with my school to help provide for families all across our community food and water that are crucial to their survival. We spread the word throughout our school as well as in our area to receive donations for several food pantries. In total we contributed greatly to the survival of families who may be struggling. It is important to think about some people other than ourselves to try to make our area better than it was originally. By gathering support from my school and my area, we were able to successfully gather over 20,000 cans of food to donate to our local food pantries. With one small act of kindness towards the right people, we can make changes that not only improve our outlook on life, but how we view other people. 

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