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What Lies Ahead for Our Earth

April 25, 2019
By Anonymous

What lies ahead for our earth is always a question that arises when we look at the environment and our surroundings. Will the earth be blue, rocky and green filled with life or be bound by dire consequences?
Earth is a beautiful planet that supports life but one of the major problems it is facing today include Global Warming and Extinction of animals.

Summers have become hotter and precipitation has increased across the globe. The water cycle patterns have been affected; some areas are bound by droughts and some areas experience floods and, what is the reason behind these problems-Global Warming? Global warming is defined as the warming of the surface of the earth and this is mainly due to the increase in the levels of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Our useless consumption activities have also added up to global warming.

Global Warming can have dire consequences; the white glaciers have started melting due to the extreme temperatures of the earth. The level of the sea has increased rapidly also due to the melting of glaciers. Animals are migrating to cooler areas. However we can prevent it by the little steps we take and can create a huge impact

• Supporting and practicing afforestation and prohibiting deforestation can reduce the levels of Carbon dioxide as trees take in carbon dioxide for producing food and nutrients by the process of photosynthesis and give out oxygen thus purifying the atmosphere
• Using a bicycle or having a walk to cover short distances instead of using a car can reduce the vehicular emission. Carpooling is also a good way to reduce pollution.
• Burning of materials especially plastic can emit harmful gases that add up to pollution and global warming thus this must be prevented.
• Keeping the surroundings clean is the simplest way to prevent global warming.
• Switching off the lights when not in use can save energy.
Global Warming is not the only problem which we are facing, the wiping out of animals from the earth’s surface is also one of the major problems. There was a time when animals were almost everywhere but now they are limited to forests and other areas. Nowadays we don’t even find certain species of animals as they have become extinct, endangered or endemic. The main reason is the destruction of their habitats and illegal hunting (poaching).
• The bird Dodo that existed millions and millions of years ago had become extinct due to repetitious hunting by humans
• Animals like Indian rhinoceros, Tiger, Asiatic lion, the black buck etc. are endangered species who are at a high risk of getting extinct.

Animals are our heritage and they create the diversity of our earth. We must stop this poaching and make efforts to save them. We can organise rallies and campaigns urging people to save animals and that’s the least we can do.

These are the problems that the earth is facing today and in the coming years these problems can worsen and so taking drastic measures is the only way. We must put an end to our wasteful methods of consumption, cause less pollution and save more. SAVE EARTH,SAVE LIFE

The author's comments:

In this article I have shared the problems that earth is facing and how can we prevent those problems and save our earth

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