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What To Do With Plastic Bottles?

May 25, 2009
By Gabe Hinkle BRONZE, Mills River, North Carolina
Gabe Hinkle BRONZE, Mills River, North Carolina
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Let’s face it, as the environment gets worse and we realize how much we impact our world, we have to let go of old fashion methods and ideas. Old ideas just don’t cut it in a changing world. I think letting go of plastic water bottle sales in public buildings is a good step towards changing our ways.

Most animals are constantly adapting to changes in their environment, but humans, instead of adapting to our environment, we change it to fit our needs. By letting go of things like plastic bottles, bags, containers, etc. we are declaring that we will no longer work against the environment but with it instead.

As much as plastic bottles can be convenient they are extremely harmful to the environment to make and transport, not to mention that they cost more than using tap water or water fountains. If we can let go of habits like this and instead embrace environmentally sound ideas then we will be able to change the future of our planet. The hardest thing is letting go of our traditional mindsets and making the choice that the planet’s survival is worth changing your lifestyle a bit. People are so afraid of trying new things that they cling to ideas that they grew up with and that are familiar to them and then we argue about how they’re “not so bad.” If we can trust that everything will work out alright then we can start to make sure that it does.

In conclusion, I think that this issue goes much deeper than just plastic water bottles, that it signifies that we much change ourselves in order to change the world.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a response to a Current Events article about banning plastic water bottles.

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