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The Inevitable

April 3, 2008
By Anonymous

The world keeps turning, but why?
We were given this amazing thing called the world, with all of it's fascinations, but we don't appreciate it. We damage and kill this incredible wonder until before we know it, it won't be there for us. So many things that we take for granted, but this could possibly be the most important thing, the very basis upon which we live, crumbling below our feet while we continue on with our materialistic lives. Regret will wash over us all when everything we depend on to live our luxurious lives is suddnely snatched away and we are left with nothing. The warnings are all there to let us know that we are punishing the thing that gives us the most. Continue the abuse and neglect and we will drive the world into complete chaos. The time to act is now. When your stomach growls, you feed it then because it is telling you it needs your attention. The world keeps asking for our attention, but if we continue to be ignorant and ignore it, the inevitable will come.

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