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Being Outdoors Has Always Been Enjoyable...

January 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Being outdoors has always been an enjoyable experience for me. I can relax and have fun without feeling pressured by the world around me. Over time, my appreciation and respect for nature has matured greatly. After living in Wisconsin my whole life, I have adapted to the changing weather and seasons each year. I love listening to the rain as it splatters against the rooftop of our house and watching the snowflakes descend past the leafless trees. Throughout the years, I have been participating in outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, swimming, or spending a day at the beach lying beneath the warm sun. In their own way, each of these events has given me a positive outlook on all of the benefits nature has to offer. With this essay, I will define my relationship with nature, interaction and beliefs towards nature, and its role in the relationship with the human race.

. My relationship with nature is defined as a place for me to explore God’s creation and freely express myself without judgment. When in nature, there is no standard that needs to be met. Nature is my escape when I feel the need to be away from everyday life. The peacefulness and quietness allows for me to clearly process my thoughts and prepares me to continue to move forward with my life.
As a stress reliever, I sometimes take a drive down roads surrounded by trees and lakes. There isn’t hardly any traffic, and the city noise can’t even be heard in the distance. After recently moving out of a metropolitan area, I cherish nature’s tranquil setting and passive environment. I believe nature’s beauty can force a person to forget about their problems and concentrate only on the golden sun glistening behind the different shades of green.

The deep forests and bottomless lakes can hold many secrets, which is why I believe nature to be one of the greatest heeling powers a person can come across. The voice of the whistling winds will not utter the words we speak. I also believe nature has the power to capture a person’s unwanted problems and eliminate them discretely. Interaction with nature is important, because without the sun and fresh air a person cannot live. My way of interacting with nature is by taking hikes through the woods to enjoy the beautiful sites or by walking along the beach and watching the waves as they rush onto shore. My favorite place to hike is on Madeline Island. The bluffs which border the island and overlook the sparkling waters of Lake Superior are awe-inspiring. Being apart of the large would around me gives me a feeling of power and assertion that I have control over my life and my emotions. I feel at peace. Over time a person learns to adapt to their environment and take advantage of all the activities and experiences nature has to offer.

In the past, nature was used mainly for production of goods. Loggers settled in the Northwoods to cut down hundreds of acres of trees and then used the lakes to transport the product from one area to another. Centuries later, the Northwoods has become a popular vacationing destination. The outdoors is highly respected by those who utilize the land and water available to them. I believe nature has the ability bring people closer together. Navigating through the woods or rock climbing requires the trust and compassion of another person. Taking a hike with a close friend provides company and assurance that if there is trouble along the way; somebody is by your side. Nature is something that everyone has in common and keeps us all united. The role nature has in the relationship with the human race is providing resources for survival. We often take for granted the trees which provide oxygen for breathing and lumber for building our homes, and the woods and lakes which accommodate the wildlife that provide us with food and entertainment.

Until the end of time, nature will continue to be valuable to earth and those who inhabit it. Not only does nature hold the key to life, but it also gives us a place to escape to when the outside world becomes too unbearable. Maintaining a relationship with nature is essential for living a healthy life. Being surrounded by the fresh rain smell or a cool winter breeze is all a person needs to feel calm and relaxed. Having interaction with nature is a good way to clear one’s mind and start the next day fresh. I begin each day by fixing my eyes on the sun as it appears above the horizon. This gives me the sense that I have another day to go about my life. I believe nature is rewarding to those who appreciate its beauty and care for it so it may last for the next generation to take advantage of God’s splendid work of art.

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