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Deforestation: A Growing Problem

January 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Deforestation has been and will continue to be a problem for our future. It is drastically changing our environment and the way us humans live. Deforestation not only affects humans, but also the other living organisms that are in their natural habitat. You may go down to the tropical rainforests down in South America one year as a vacation and marvel how beautiful it can be. The nice climate, the birds chirping, the rustling of the leaves, and the sight of animals doing what they do all make it feel so unreal, like in a different dimension. You wonder how this can be happening all over the world, people cutting down all these trees just to make money off of it. The next year or so you come back and all you see is dirt on the ground and contractors beginning to build real estate homes. You wonder how someone can do such a thing ruining such a sanctuary, but you know that it is your own kind destroying these forests.

Even though rainforests cover about 7% of Earth, it nearly holds half of Earth’s species. If these forests are destroyed, then all of these animals will be wiped out. Some of these trees and animals that are indigenous to these areas may become extinct because this is the only place that could sustain life for these specific species. Nearly 13 million hectares of the world’s forest are being destroyed annually. These rainforests are also the cause for some tourist attractions as well for some countries. If these countries lose their forests the their economy will go down as well.

We need to stop deforestation as quickly as possible before it gets too out of hand. The more we wait, the more trees are getting cut down. One day I would like to visit some of these forests in order to experience the magnificence of nature. In order to save these trees, we need a lot of help. My solution to at least helping this cause is to do the little things first by just recycling excess paper. I would definitely like to see more television commercials that promote recycling just like the commercials for smoking cigarettes. Another solution that I have thought of is to make a website that will accept donations to help preserve our rainforests. Help keep one of nature’s greatest wonders of the world on Earth, the tropical rainforests.

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