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When I Need to be Alone

February 7, 2008
By Anonymous

When I just need to be alone, breathe in my own air, and let down my guard, I go outside in the woods, far away. I can relax and let go of the world and all of the worries in it. I sit and listen to the murmur of the clear fresh creek that flows next to me. Away from everything, just me and nature. I sit and and think as the bright green leaves sway in the canopy above my head. As the warm breeze touches my skin it feels as if an angel had come from heaven and run her feathery wings across my body. The smell of fresh air is like nothing I've ever smelled before. It smells of nothing, no pollution, just nothing. Clean and fresh is all it is. As the sun begins to peek through the trees, my cheeks become warmed. The pink and purple sky is breathtaking. I crawl up on the tallest hill and watch the big orange fireball sink into the horizon of our little town. Before I know it, the sky becomes black. The stars come out from their hiding places in the sky, and glimmer before me.

As I head home, I remember the big math test tomorrow and how I didn't clean my room. All the thoughts came pouring back into my head. The ones that have just been let go, are now a reality. As many say, “All great things must come to an end”...for now at least.

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