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By Anonymous

      The solemn beautyof birds dipping and diving fills the horizon. Currents rush by walls ofrock and rubble, slowly tearing deeper into the heart of the earth.

The whistling wind howls, and brittle leaves rustle on thefrozen turf. Commotion on the river never stops, and everything has itsplace.

Stripping winds blow across the ferocious waters, tearingleaves from quivering giants standing hopeless and worn. The gustsspread havoc to the water, and gargantuan waves crash against theeroding shore.

Fog tumbles in, covering all. Spooky ducks andgeese suddenly appear through the cloudy haze, laughing uncontrollably.The murmur of a lone goose grows faint as the vapor entraps her cries,and a deer's crackling footsteps mysteriously echo over the steamingwater.

Eagles soar boastfully in and out of the trees on bothsides of the river. They dive in search of a meal, descending time andagain only to come up empty. From the peaceful water of an open lagoonappears an eagle with a desperate duck in its grasp. It proudly floatsback to the trees, where the feast begins.

Birds make the rivertheir haven during winter. An orchestra of sound sluggishly crescendosas a flock of ducks draws near. Their wings beat rapidly and resonate.The ducks explode with cackling and cooing as they fly overhead. Thisparty soon comes to an end; the wall of sound grows distant. It beginsagain as a larger flock of geese soars in from the wheat fields to thenorth. The show starts when they set their wings toward an open bay.They glide downward in an angelic fashion and their golden feetgracefully tap the water where they land.

A goose searches for afallen seed between strands of wheat poking through winter's whiteblanket. The wind blows over the plains and the stalks dance in itswake. Young plants boldly forge through the snow and as the wind rollsby the fragrance of spring is spread about.

The beauty of theriver and it's surroundings is truly majestic. It is unadulteratednature. The feelings of solitude and harmony that come from spendingtime on the river can never be reproduced. It's a shame we live in suchan industrialized world and rarely spend time in an environment like theriver's.

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i love this so much!