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Global Warming

May 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Do you ever wonder why the Earth is getting so warm? It might be because people have affected the Earth so much, and have over used things such as cars and oils that affect the Earth’s temperature. If people weren’t so concerned about their selves the Earth wouldn’t be in this situation. .The greenhouse affect is the cause for global warming its pollution on earth corners the sun making the sun hotter that it already is. When the energy is put in the air it is being recycled and making the Earth warmer. The Earth absorbs energy, and sends the rest to outer space. A lot of this is caused by air pollution and carbon dioxide mixing together. The two mixed are cornering the sun, and the planet is starting to get hotter than usual. Over time it has got hotter, and it is the hottest time on Earth in recorded history. Global Warming is already affecting parts of the world in a bad way. This is why the weather is always changing and it doesn’t rain as much as it used too anymore.

Cars and coal are the top two causes of air pollution. Cars are used a lot today, and they cause a lot of pollution to the air. Cars burn a lot of gas into the air. Coal is being burned, and coming out of factories into the air. The United States is the number one country that is contributing the most to Global Warming. We supply at least 25 percent of the carbon dioxide in the air pollution.
There have been plenty of bad things that have happened because of global warming. Colorado, Montana, and Kansa have already had bad dust storms. Texas, Montana, and North Dakota have had some bad floods that have caused a lot of damage. Colorado, Arizona, and Oregon have had very bad wildfires. The polar ice caps are starting to melt, and it causing some of the animals who are living there to starting to loose land.
There are plenty of things that could happen because of global warming. The higher temperatures caused by global warming can cause farming to stop growing, and there would be drought. There will be more plants that will become extinct It is also creating very intense storms. Global Warming is not making hurricanes, but it helps make them stronger. Forests, farms, and cities will have more mosquitoes coming, and they will have more diseases. Also the way people live will change, and where they can live.
We can help prevent this from going to far or from maintaining this if we do carpools; we recycle, not cut down so many trees, and not burn so much oil and coal. If like you go to work go, and pick someone p if you go to the same place. When we have buses that drive around in the morning get on the bus it will take away from your parents driving to school. Even though we need some forests to live with we are cutting down our forest to fast, and if we keep going at the rate we are the forests will all be gone in a couple of decades. We need to not burn so many people going out and having oils pills in the waters because it really affects the water. The burning of coal is good sometime, but don’t do it all the time. These would be some really good things to help maintain these temperatures, or help them go lower.

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