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May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

For the planet project that we chose to make to convince people to throw away their trash instead of letting the trash blow away and getting caught on a tumble weed or something. We think that this experiment that we made and thought about would increase the outcome of people throwing their trash away instead of leaving it there and looking all messy with out doing something about this and building this up. Instead of planting a tree to help the environment and the ecosystem that we are out here living in, we thought of helping lazy people throw away their trash and making this side and earth a better environment to live under. Looking good around here that there is nobody here to even throw away trash it still ends up on the floor or stuck on something which would turn that place or thing looking less professional or mature about to take care of your own belongings. This all occur to me when I see people shooting at a trash can paper wads not making them and just leaving them on the floor where it landed, but I thought of do some thing for the people that don’t have the strength or ability to make a basket in the garbage can or at least make it so the person could hit some thing and be sure that he would make it in a 100% guaranteed to work.

We all thought of making of a bigger trash can but I thought of how is that going to help the solution that there is already lots of trash cans people just don’t want to throw there trash away. Both of my teammates thought about this as well then I came up with making a rim or a back board at the side of the trash can that we made. Thinking about how it if even people would even look at it and take a shot and see if it appeals to the people to start making hoops and getting better at their aiming skills and not causing an environment with a bunch of dirty roads with garbage dispensed across the road. By making this rim we thing that in would lure people to throw their trash more often to shoot at a trash can and make sure that they make it first try every time. We have to make something to help the environment since we have already ruined most of the earth and now we are in ruins by what we stripped the earth in. We can stop this mistake that people make by not throwing their trash away and making our and their environment look bad then how it I today with the problem that we faced today for our generation of global warming and the north and south ice capes melting from all the temperatures changing and the changing of environments that cause this.

From all the efforts that they are trying to putt out they are still not listening to the warning that they give out to the people then the people complain that they didn’t know what was going on. By the time that they realize that there is a lot of trash in some streets they would finally think of doing something now that is worst than you cane ever image. Since that was the only idea that we came up with an it was pretty appealing to all of our members in our group we think that there is a strong possibility that this idea would work . Think of how many people would shoot a basket if you were guaranteed to make it in you would get all hyped up to throw another one and causes you to throw away your trash more often. We haven’t put this theory to the test and now that we had put our self’s to the point that we were shooting at the trash can our self’s and out of five shots that each one of us made the average of the shots were 3 shots for each of us we made, but with the new rim that we are going to make they would be a dramatic increase of the possibility to make the shot in a regular trash can that you see in a class room. Later on we are going to take some test samples with other people that haven’t been very familiar to shooting a hoop in the trash can and see what results of the new rim that we are going to make would increase the out come of people throwing away their trash and hopefully show the lazy people how easy it is to go and throw away your trash compared to just leaving it out there and letting some spiders live in there and bite some kid in the hand that was curious of what the bag contained.

We have thought of what is the reason that people don’t throw their trash away it seems that it’s just laziness to the person or they were not familiar to the trash belongs at including this theory that I came up with my other members of our group think that they are not confident that they had been missing all of their lives and just too heart broken that they can’t even make a hoop in the trash can. Another theory that we are going to put up to test when we come up with this experiment later that we would make making it appealing so that the person that is throwing their trash away would try to make it in the trash can and would try to make as many as they can or at least until they are satisfied of what they had made. Later it would attract more people to throw away their trash and so on become a trend to just throw away your trash with out making some body come around you and shove a trash can at your arm and reach to throw away your trash. Hopefully with some smart thinking of where to place the trash cans set a limit of how many trash cans we are going to have and place them somewhere they would be most efficient to the people to throw away their trash. Coming out of just planting a tree and calling it a day we thought of doing this that and not getting sunburn trying to dig up your hole for each of the plants that they are going to bring , but the fact that to help other people understand the importance of throwing away your trash and how the very little difference that it might be could actually be the start of a new thing to do in school and in life. Not by just going out there and just pick a spot, start shoveling as much dirt that you want to, then plant the tree calling it a day, but think if an idea of how to help daily habits that people create and get comfort of not throwing away their trash helping people break that cycle and start on a new and better way of helping the environment. We are causing all these things that are happening all over the world we should start getting proactive and create idea of how keep helping the whole problem with global warming so we in Arizona don’t have to move to another state just how it’s too hot for people to live out here just because the weather went up four degree from last years not people are dieing because of a heat stroke of not having enough liquids in your system.

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