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Global Warming: How Much Time Is Left?

May 26, 2008
By Anonymous

Imagine only being allowed outside at night because the sun is too dangerous. Imagine having to wear an oxygen tank everywhere you go just to take a breath of air, all because of Global Warming. The atmosphere is essential to human life and unfortunately, Global Warming is tearing it to shreds. It is only a matter of time before the ozone layer breaks down completely and humans will have to carry around oxygen tanks to survive. The truth is every one can take part in stopping it. Global Warming has a major effect on the Earth’s atmosphere.
The Earth’s atmosphere consists of mile-high layers that are strong enough to vaporize meteors the size of a house. To put this statement into perspective, without the atmosphere the human race would not exist. The first layer of the atmosphere is the troposphere. Located 11 miles away from sea level, this is where weather and clouds occur. Next in line is the stratosphere. Stunningly, it is located 30 miles up from sea level. In fact, this is the region where jets and aircraft find cruising altitude. After the stratosphere you will find the mesosphere, which is 52 miles up. In this region, you will find meteors being burnt up. Following the mesosphere is the thermosphere, which is located at a staggering 132 miles from sea level. Often, shuttles place their orbit in this layer. Finally, there is the exosphere, which is the last layer of the atmosphere. To find this region, you would have to go an even more incredible 620 miles! Hopefully the atmosphere will be able to handle the effects of Global Warming until scientists figure out a way to stop it.
All of the effects that the theories of Global Warming have on the Earth are simply breathtaking. Scientists believe that the excessive amounts of greenhouse gasses emitted into our air trap heat from the sun. This causes a gradual change in temperature each year. Over many years, the extreme build-up of carbon dioxide trapped in our atmosphere destroys the ozone layer allowing the speed of ozone breakup to increase. According to scientists, a strong theory is that the temperature on Earth will continue to rise. Unfortunately another assumption about Global Warming is that eventually the states of Maine and Maryland with be completely flooded. Melting of glaciers in Antarctica is why the sea level continues to increase. Also because of Global Warming, we are experiencing more and more extreme weather, which is creating devastating outcomes to innocent victims. Examples of which are residents of New Orleans that were hit by the deadly Hurricane Katrina. To stop the horrible Global Warming affects, we must complete a series of duties that you can learn now.
There is only a certain amount of time until the Earth’s atmosphere will give out; however, there are many things that we can do to help our atmosphere to prevail. One obvious way of contributing to stop Global Warming is to simply drive less and/or invest in a hybrid vehicle. This cuts down on the usage of fossil fuels that put billions of tons of greenhouse gasses into the air when they burn. Another way of saving energy is to use energy efficient appliances. Also, when you turn off appliances in your house they are still using energy because they are plugged in. A solution to this is to just unplug your appliances when they are turned off. Running your dishwasher or washing machine only when full will also save energy and your money. Even though the price of a standard light bulb appears to be less expensive, a way of saving energy is to use a fluorescent light bulb. They are more expensive than regular light bulbs but they last twice as long. Lastly, a way of decreasing the harm of global warming is to plant a tree. Trees are great for the environment because they turn carbon dioxide back into oxygen. As you can see, using less energy is a great way to prevent global warming.
Global Warming is a terrible event that is causing major effects on the Earth’s atmosphere. Because the atmosphere is essential to human life, everyone must take part in stopping it. Whether it is simply planting a tree or driving less, every person can help. Humans should keep in mind that without the atmosphere there would not be life on Earth and if Global Warming progresses the atmosphere will eventually disappear. Everyone has the power to help; it is just a matter of who is willing to do so. Time is running out…

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