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trees as our invaluable world resouces

June 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Trees are precious living resources on earth and it is human beings’ obligation to treasure them. Yet, it is depressing to hear deforestation news in places all over the world from time to time. The deforestation rate is much higher than the plantation rate, resulting in a vast decrease in the quantity of plants, especially the mature ones.

Take the situation of 2008 Olympics as an example, more than 100 trees were felled in a bid to accommodate the equestrian event. It is not only unbearable for the environmentalists but I guess the general public also feels miserable for the poor fate of those trees.

Can we imagine, the trees which cover about 20 basketball fields are all chopped down just for the purpose of holding the equestrian event? Is that reasonable? Apart from the huge amount of trees which counts, their maturity also makes the removal unreasonable. With reference to an expert in the report, part of the fallen trees were at least half a century old. Local trees indeed have no protection with the absence of a tree ordinance which helps handle similar affairs. Transplantation of trees is a workable solution, but is it the best way out? The ones who planted those trees may have developed intimate relationship with the trees. Their sentiments are irreplaceable.

On one hand, the government advocates the idea of planting trees. On the other hand, it plays a leading role in proceeding in the opposite direction. This proves its ruthlessness. Would it continue to attain short- term goals by sacrificing the public interest in the coming future? No one knows.

In fact, this is a controversial issue over human interest and sustainable development. With the elimination of trees, the ecosystem is greatly affected as living things are inter- dependent with one another. Animals lose their habitats without trees. Perhaps, our next generation would not be fortunate enough to view such beautiful scene anymore. Even worse, maybe they would not know what means by forests. How intolerable it is. On top of that, there will be an increase in carbon dioxide amount in the air as fewer trees can absorb this greenhouse gas. As a result, global warming may be resulted. From this, we can see how far- reaching the consequences of cutting trees can be.

The government should definitely think thrice before it leaps or make a decision. A reputable government has to take into consideration the point of view of people from different sectors of society. It must not waste the limited resources on earth as they are invaluable.

Nonetheless, more comprehensive education is essential in promoting the idea of cherishing natural resources. We must not take it for granted the abundant resources we have right now. Instead, we have to plan ahead for our next generations and treasure every single resource.

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