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Why it Matters

October 29, 2008
By Anonymous

One man once said “save the world have happier lives” I truly believe that because we need happier life’s. Don’t you think about changing the world by picking up trash to help the comminute or turning off lights or ride your bike to work. We should have ride your bike week or month.

Know what I hate about this lovely planet that we are destroying. The people who are messing up this planet that we just so happened to live on. Why I say this, one it’s my topic and two it matters I mean come on people, we live on this planet and I’m pretty sure we have only one earth. And if I’m wrong then shouldn’t we have two mars or two Venuses but I’m pretty sure we have only one planet

First, the people that are messing up this planet are people who litter, and using up electricity and gas it’s driving me insane I mean it’s not hard to make the world a better place, if every body in the U.S. pick up 10 things then the world will be a better place.

Next, we need to change are resources like gas we really need to change it. I now that we have cars that run on sun light and water and I think there’s a car that runs on chocolate. We need a car that runs on…honey. Or something like that.

Close to the end of the story I finish up with this statement, if everyone road there bike’s to work the air would be better I mean think of the kids that are coming to this earth they won’t be able to go outside. Won’t run around and play around because of the pollution in the air then the children will get fat because all they’ll do is sit down eat and watch TV.

So that’s all and I believe that will change the whole process of how we can change the world.

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