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Ways I Can Help the Forest

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

The beginning of my forest is about how to plant more trees to help the forest if you cut a tree you will have to plant three the other way I will help the forest is to recycle recycling is really good to help the forest and to help to make new things. The WAY in which I would focus on saving the forest is conservation.

The main way I could help is to plant more trees because we don’t want to run out trees because people just cut trees and don’t think about the trees and think they don’t get freedom like them or us the other thing we could have would be a paperless classroom.

It will be okay to cut a tree but the person who cuts it has to plant three and I will make that like a rule. I will like if people don’t cut that much trees or if they decide not to stop they will have to plant three just to help the environment and of course the trees too.

The other way I would help the forest would be to recycle more to help the trees because recycling helps to make new items like cans, carton, plastic and PAPER! If you recycle more that means you are helping the environment and the forest but if you decide to not recycle then you are just being plain old rude which is not really nice and you decided to not help the forest or environment if you are one of the people that recycles we thank you a lot and that’s pretty much what I have to say about the forest.

So why is it so important to save the Idaho forest well if you help to save the forest you are maybe a volunteer or you could just be doing it for fun like if you like to help around the neighborhood other ways you can help is for charity and we don’t want to cut down trees either

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