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our forests

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

The best way to manage our forest is through preservation. I am going to take a minute to ask something do you like our forests and the shape that they are in cause I don’t, and at this point no one should.

My first idea is some times not use our trees and use something else, we would keep all the animals in the forest happy and safer for the first example when people go in and cut down all the trees. The loud noises of chainsaws and what not for example wild fires, scare our animals and put them under stress. When our animals are under stress, It makes it harder for them to live there life and if we know animals well enough, they can die from stress.

My second way is to ease up on the people that hunt our animals every year, because if we had less people killing our animals maybe we would have more of the animals that are endangered. This means we could have a lot more of animals on our earth. Also when people go hunting will all of their four wheelers it puts more and more pollution on our earth and it bad for the forests.

My third and last thing we could do to help the forests is to go through and clean it up to make look a lot better, healthier, and cleaner. When our forests are dirty it discourages our visitors and other people too. And if our forests are clean that mean one more thing in our world that is more pure. It would also make me proud to be able to call it a forest, because after all forest started out clean why cant they end clean.
Imagine a forest where all the animals are happy, there not being hunted. There is no air pollution, and there are no rappers or plastic on the ground. Where everybody is happy. Just like it should be.

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