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Water; The Essential Element

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

151 gallons of water a day. Thats enough water for a small sized hot tub. Thats about how much water every person in the United States uses a day. But thats not from taking ten minute showers and or leaving the sink on when you brush you teeth. Its from all the meat this country is addicted to. Say you have a 4 ounce hamburger, no big deal right? Wrong! To feed the cow you just ate, water would have been used to water the grass to feed the cow. The cow also has to drink water to live too. So after you've added all the numbers up you just drank more water then you would drink from a glass all day but you will not absorb that water because it's gone. All that wasted water over dinner. There are people in 3rd world countries that have wars over water because there is none to drink. There are places that don't have potable water, which means clean to drink. Could you image waking up every morning, and you have to walk a mile to get water that could carry diseases? I could not. The point is that if we don't stop our greedy water consumption, then this whole world will suffer sooner if not later. Thats why the United Nations' current main concern is water.

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