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Time In A Tree

January 7, 2009
By JessicaU SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
JessicaU SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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I have seen a patchwork quilt. Bits and scraps of everything. Life, death, carelessness, everything. Nobody has seen what I have seen. Only I can say what happened here on this soil and what the upcoming times look like.

Long ago, people lived all around me. Everyday was the same. Everyone’s schedules were the same; they all moved in a predictable manner. There was life everywhere, as far as my roots could reach. Flowers, plants, people, and animals emerged into life everyday as if they were weeds. Then, slowly death overcame everything, and everything disappeared. Soon, the forest was empty except for us trees.

Time passed on, aging me every second. One day, I felt a tremble on my roots, something I had never experienced before. Then I saw big yellow trucks approaching quickly. They left deep tire tracks behind. They ran over all the life on the ground, killing it. Not even the hardest seed coat could protect a new seed from being destroyed. I heard a faint thud, then another, slow and faint at first then louder and faster. Those thuds were other trees being killed by humans with huge grins on their faces. Everyday the trucks came back and the humans carelessly cut tree after tree. I was one of the fortunate ones they didn’t cut down. They did hurt me, however making my roots ache each passing day.

Now people live all around me once again, but times are different now. Brick surrounds me, and so does bright green grass, an untrue color. I’m losing strength as each day passes by with a black cloud of smoke. My future and the future of every other living thing are as clear as water (if water were that magnificent clear color that it used to be). We will soon become very weak, as I am becoming now, and life will disappear from this Earth. I have seen enough from this spot where I have been chosen to live to tell that life will soon end.

My life will come to an end in the near future, and so will follow the lives of other living creatures. I’m the last one of my kind in what used to be a forest, and everything will soon vanish into thin air.

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