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A Healthy Life

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Why would you want to be unhealthy? Too many people are in this world are overweight. Most young people and young adults don’t care about their weight. Most young adults and kids are fit, because they have a fast metabolism. But when they get older they probably get overweight. Most people just sit around and eat whatever they want and not worry what they will look like or feel like. I believe that everybody should have a healthy lifestyle.
When you have a healthy lifestyle you will become “physically fit”. When you are physically fit you live a bit longer than most people, this also applies to animals. My grandma had this cat named Max. My grandma would let him out every day, use to chase birds, and buy the most expensive food, which is usually the best food. Max lived to be twenty-four years old. Times that number by seven and that’s how old Max was in human years. Also you won’t get sick as often as you use to when you are unfit.
Also if you have a healthy lifestyle you will feel better. When I came home I used to take my shoes off and just lay around until the next day. I would get sick all of the time fall asleep in some of my classes. After a few mouths, I started riding my bike for a while everyday and I don’t get sick as often. And after that I started marching band which was almost every day. Now I don’t fall asleep as often and I have only had one school day in the year. Last year I had seven sick days.
My belief has changed a lot since the past. I actually work out little versus the past which I just laid around. I would get sick a lot and feel bad. I believe in a healthy life style. Having a healthy will impact your future in a large way.

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