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The infinite cure

October 7, 2008
By Mariam Khan BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
Mariam Khan BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
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Stem Cell Research provides potential for a cure for many diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, cancer, muscular dystrophy and many other chronic diseases. The miraculous cures for numerous diseases have had a few mortal and political problems for instance how they exhume them from placenta cords and embryos. The stem cells bump into other problems like if the researchers use an embryo which regards to regulations to maintain respect and dignity to the experimental embryo. Researchers have infinite uses to the placenta cord in which they have found limited potential. The government regarding the use of the stem cells from embryos unethical, and find time to fund to untapped potential future weapons of destruction. The stem cell research encountered a road block most scientists start working for private research laboratories confide important details of the infinite cure.

The government spending time to keep unwraps and marked regulations to maintain some kind of humane way of accepting as a science. The federal and state funded research labs find definite amount of barricade to prevent them from actually finding something under the regulations defined by the state or federal government as unethical and unable to defy the regulation. Most of the research of stem cells marks as an experimental drug, how does the government maintain rules and regulations when the scientists don’t even know what the cells can or can’t do? The mass weapons of destruction known to wipe out large populations, and an embryonic stem cell may function as another cell to help regulate the missing cells or adding more cells helping the human race. The embryos encompass potential become human beings, and they also comprise potential in saving lives.

The majority of the doctor community predicts stem cell research will improve quality of life and curing vast populations. Stem cell research if not given a proper attitude private medical enterprise will make stem cells therapy into profit. The government will face the new ethnical guidelines how those enterprises looking for capitol will receive the prize and leaving those in need without the proper cure; A problem threatening our new medical world. In regard the hypocrisy of the American politics rather not having life saving treatments with potential human beings instead want weapons of mass destruction take away human lives. How will politics decide the price of life when they unable to choose for themselves?

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