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Face Blindness

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

How would you like to wake up every morning, and not being able to recognize the person you see in the mirror. Or not being able to see what people think of you. In this piece, it talks about how people in the world live with a disease called prosopagnosia, or better known as face blindness. Also it talks about an Internet-based community that has people who have face blindness, and about what their doctors say about their illness. Joshua Davis takes us into the life of the unknown. We can learn from people we don’t understand, and that’s what this piece says. Joshua Davis did a phenomenal job writing this piece. He not only talked about the disease, but he also talked about how the people that have them got them. He put some excellent stories about the people in the piece, and I give my heart out to them. One that I found interesting was the one about the 14 year old girl. I thought that it was amazing how her career started, but she didn’t even know that she was beautiful. Then she could recognize one person, and there is such an age difference between the two of them. He told me that looks shouldn’t matter. These people can’t recognize faces, and yet they seem to finding love everywhere. The people who don’t have this disease should pay really close attention to Joshua Davis’s article. He will show them how the right way is to live. I really liked this article. It showed me that we shouldn’t pay attention to looks. That’s because one day you may never get to see faces again. What will you do then? Many men and women only pay attention to how good looking people are. The rest of the men and women pay attention to personality. If you think about it, the people with this disease are the ones who look at personality. That’s why I like this article. It told me exactly that. I also liked this article because of the fact that these people just try to fit in. I think of school. Many people are trying to fit in certain groups. But then you get these selfish narcissistic people who won’t let anyone in unless they are like each other. So what I’m trying to say is don’t judge a person by their looks. I knew nothing about this disease until my biology teacher brought it up in class. I like interesting articles so I wanted to read it. Once I read it, I started telling people that they should read it and some actually did. I’m glad I read it because not a lot of people know that this disease is even out there, and some doctors didn’t even know about it. If you want to know more about prosopagnosia go to http://www.prosopagnosia.com. Cecilia Burman wrote this site because she has face blindness. There are many sites and I would recommend looking at them.

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sara said...
on Feb. 15 2009 at 4:10 am
I am glad I found this article. I found the website fascinating. Nobody in my family had ever heard of face-blindess.