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Dress to Impress

August 31, 2018
By samanthalucero SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
samanthalucero SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Reading Cooper Greene's, "Dress to Impress", warmed my heart due to a boy, a male, the opposite gender of female is acknowledging how school dress codes are unfair more specifically to girls. Greene discusses the challenges girls, including his sister, face everyday of school. Worrying if their shorts are too short. If the shirt is showing their shoulders, cleavage, stomach, or back. I completely agree when Cooper asks "Why should it be the problem of the girl wearing the clothing and not the person who is distracted by it?" That question has been brought up again and again for quite a while now, for some reason girls get shamed and judged for wearing what they feel comfortable in. Thank you Cooper, for not only standing up for your sister on such a touchy subject but now taking consideration for all girls when it comes to the so called dress code. And considering how others may feel even if it doesn't affect you. 

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