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Overgrown Anxieties

November 8, 2018
By LaniGirlisAwesome SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
LaniGirlisAwesome SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Hazel Shanks article," Overgrown Anxieties" extremely moving. I was exceedingly interested in how she refered to her anxieties as succulants, and how "the vines wrapped around" the limbs of the victim. The amount of symbolism in this article is impressive. It shows that the author has obviously gone through something and is expressing this through her stories. She also asks," how [can] my succulants, so sweet and harmless, grow into some thing so destructive." Here she is asking how her harmless anxieties can hurt her so much. I understand how it feels to have anxieties pick you apart until skin and bones. Thank you Hazel for your amazing article that was very relatable. 

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