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Feedback On I Am a Revolutionary

December 10, 2018
By maryence SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
maryence SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“I Am a Revolutionary” by Anonymous is a moving personal essay in which the author talks about her personal experiences with homophobia and transphobia coming from her parents, her friend’s parents, and the negative world around her. She starts the piece off with an argument with her sinister mother who does not approve of her gay identity. The author reinforces and emphasizes the fact that yes, she is in fact a revolutionary for standing up to unfavorable views about sexuality, and how this affects her life on the daily. This piece truly exhibits a natural air of what can be one of the most inspiring articles I have read thus far. The author portrays her story in such a magnificent and impressive way that makes me reflect on the lack of equality we have on Earth, even though last time I checked, we are all human.

While I am straight myself, I am so immersed in the LGBTQ+ community and the majority are such amazing people. I have friends along the spectrum, and they are probably the kindest souls I know. Being a silent activist for LGBTQ+ rights, the idea of discrimination just makes me sick. Having parents that went through months of pain just to hurt you more than they hurt in labor is just nasty and horrific. An inspiring message is sent within this alluring piece of literature, which is projected through: “I don’t care if I can’t make a difference. At least I’m a step in the right direction. With enough people like me, there will be a difference.” This is truly the greatness of our generation in which people, might I add: teenagers, making a difference in a world run by grown adults. Helping people may be painful, whether the result is positive or negative, at least you tried, and that is what is most important in society. The December 2018 issue was one to be remembered, but the anthem in which lurks for all humans in which they don’t feel happy or loved because of their sexuality, tells everyone they could strive together, and beat the hate.

The author's comments:

Feedback on the December 2018 issue. All LGBTQ+ individuals should be loved and supported, no matter what.

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