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March 27, 2019
By 19_keane_c BRONZE, New York, New York
19_keane_c BRONZE, New York, New York
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           "New Rules" is a piece that is mean't to comment on the lack of freedom some children in our modern society experience. Although it is true that the rules now are a lot stricter and societal expectations have greatly shifted, the way this piece is written makes it sound as though a five year old was ranting in their diary. The author attempts to make it seem like a funny news broadcast, using phrases like " The association of Dumbness in Everything Committe" and "Anti-FUN act but acting is Now Illegal so It's Actually a Bill" and ending the piece with "In unrelated news, peanut butter allergies are at a record high."

          This pieces attempts to be funny ultimately cause its downfall as it attempts to, but ultimately fails, to be funny and serious at the same time. Everything in the piece also seems very over exaggerated, I am aware this was probably done for comedic effect but it just made the writer seem less professional. It is also just generally unrealistic because it is talking about how the rules today are "banning freedom" and such which is simply false. The societal norm now may be more constricting then it used to be but it is not in the way that this piece describes. Overall this piece is commenting on something that is not that serious and is trying to be both funny and serious which does not work in its favor at all.

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