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By Anonymous

     I recently read an article about homosexuality and a kid said that it scared him, and that if you are homosexual, not to tell others. Is this what our world is all about? Misunderstanding? He asks about the heterosexual's view in American life, but that is all we hear every day, straight people talking. When are we going to let gay people talk so we can be more understood?

I am a gay teenager and it upsets me to hear these things. People only relate to what they know. They think just because they have met a flamboyant gay person that that is the only way gay people are. Well, I can tell you it's not. People are people.

Another thing that upsets me is walking through school and seeing guys and girls all over each other. I don't care if you are straight, gay or bi, leave it at home. It just disgusts me when people tell gay people to leave it in private. I don't tell straight people to do that. If we can accept different colors, religions and overcome the barrier between male and female, then why can't gay people just be left alone? America is about freedom. Be who you are, but how can gay teenagers be themselves when there is so much discrimination?

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