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“ Like a Cigarette??”

October 9, 2007
By Anonymous

When I saw the title “ Like a Cigarette?? “ I wanted to read it right away. I felt reading it right away because now in days that question is often asked to teenagers and most of these teenagers get problems as they grow up. So I wanted to see if this person had a experience in her life.

When I started reading I was shocked about almost half a million people die of smoking-related illness each year. I have friend that his friend asked “ Why don’t you have a cigarette? ” so he got one and started to smoke every single day.

I just wish I could change this influence about smoking. A person asked me “ Would you like a cigarette? “ When he said this to me I felt so scared and ran away. I think every teenager could run away and say
“ NO “ to that question. But I guess now in days they think it’s something cool and something everyone is normal with it. So they just try it and keep doing it everyday intil a day that they are going to have problems in health or even die.

So I just want to say “ Please, kids you shouldn’t have problems with your health in a young age. So I’m telling you run away from that question when you hear it, have a nice and healthy life. “

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