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September 19, 2008
By LDee. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
LDee. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I utterly agree with Jenny W.'s article "Greed, Apathy, Politics." It comes to mind that many companies do what Jenny mentions in her article. They worry about competition and economic growth within the buisness. Therefore they dont think about the risks they are doing to the enviorment. Many other companies on the other hand , have taken measures to worry about global warming. Politics are involved, as in Philip Cooney the chief of staff for the White House's Council of Enviormental Quality. The petroleum industry which he had scammed. If the actions he did as chief, then he furthered more the goals of government. Finally, to my surprise selfishness is involved. It is said that, "The greatest problem facing the modern world is selfishness." Humanity doesn't concern the consenquences that comelater on in the future. No matter how many actions we take, the only thing occuring is the delay on global warming. Jenny you have a great over view on how many factors contribute to the social life of humanity. That is why i agree with the article you have written on the environment, "Greed, Apathy, Politics"

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