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A Tough Lesson

March 12, 2008
By Anonymous

“A Tough Lesson” was a great story. Everyone learns some way or another throughout life. Amanda from Minneota, MN learned it the hard way. Drinking is the cause of most break ups and marriage problems in the US. I myself chose not to drink, because there is nothing good it does to your body in the first place. You can have lots of fun without alcohol. I would rather be sober and not get into any trouble with my family and the law. In the long run it ends up costing lots of time and money. Amanda took one swig of alcohol and see ended up drinking after that. The cop pulls her over and makes her take test. She passed two of the test but failed one which cost her. She got arrested and her dad had to come pick her up from jail. So, now you know why I don’t choose to drink. After all, you could take your life or even somebody else when you get behind the wheel.

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