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Feedback on "Death With Dignity"

December 4, 2014
By rairai123ify SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
rairai123ify SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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            "Death With Dignity" by Jessica Harris is a moving piece about assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is meant for terminally ill patients who have a very minimal or no chance of survival. Jessica shares her point of view on the issue, supporting it. Throughout the article, she reiterated her positive stance on assisted suicide and supports her opinions with reliable facts. This combined with the emotional appeal proves to be a very convincing piece.
            I found "Death With Dignity" to be very touching, and to a certain extent, relatable. Jessica begins by describing a scene where a young girl is watching her grandmother slowly die before her own eyes for six months and also explains how it negatively impacts her mother. Jessica then says that the situation may have been different had they considered assisted suicide. Very strong feelings of sadness were evoked by this scenario. She put the readers in the girl's position, making the scene even more upsetting.
            Jessica wrote, "The right not to suffer is a natural human right." I completely agree with this statement. I feel it embodied the message of the whole piece overall, since it was one line that really stood out to me. After all, it was true. Everybody has the right to not suffer.

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