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December 2, 2015
By lexipilot32 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
lexipilot32 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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In the story “Impact” by Sylvia, she speaks of a time in her life where she had a best friend, Julie, who she trusted most and would always play with at recess. She talks about one time when a new girl, Angela, came to the school when she was in the third grade. Angela was the type of girl who liked to be in charge, who like authority over people. She started making Sylvia and Julie do crazy tasks for her and gave them “chances.” Sylvia explains this experience when she says, “This girl who created a system where we had just three “chances,” and if we used them up, we could not be her friend anymore.” Sylvia would play tag with her and do all the things she said. One day, Sylvia got bored of doing the same old things and explains “Those activities got repetitive and almost unbearable.”  She hated that she knew that wasn’t what she wanted in a friendship. She goes on to explain how after doctors and her parents told her she should take medication she got into reading and she automatically felt better. She could escape from the situation and the bullying the followed. I relate to this because I have been through situations before and I just feel like I need something to help me escape. Something like this is how I found music. I never thought music would be so important in my life until I went through my first “rough patch” and realized how much music would impact my life. This article left my feeling sympathetic for her but also relative to the situation she went through. It also left me feeling proud that instead of taking her problems and turning them into hate and rage, she found something that could take the situation away for a while and she could be forgiving and get through and be strong.

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