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Feedback on Towngirl

September 19, 2017
By vivian._moyster BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
vivian._moyster BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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"Towngirl," a poem by Sabina Chernecher depicts a girl with many dreams living in a dull and gray town. While everyone else had half empty cups of dreams, hers was filled to the very top. These dreams were the sunshine to an always gloomy morning in the town, filled with people of misery and grim. The poem deeply portrays that an optimist may see the opportunity in every difficulty.
This poem is a beautiful piece is written with great thought, elegance and description about great dreams in a dull town. The poem made me realize that not everything is bad in the world and that your life is how you make it. Every morning is a nightmare to me, another chapter of a tragic story, similar to the grim people in the girls’ town. This poem shows that being different from others around you to make yourself happier is the best thing to do. Trying to be positive and optimistic will not only help myself but others. I have a lot to live for in this world, a lot of dreams to accomplish just like the girl in the poem but without positivity, nothing can be done. One line in the poem states “While the townsfolk did sleep (to refuel their gray steam) this girl had something special: the power to dream.” The poem perfectly contrasts the girl from all the other townspeople stating that while everyone slept to refuel “gray steam,” which is the negativity and misery in the town, the girl had dreams, something great that the others didn't contain.

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