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We need less homework

February 9, 2018
By Jackielion SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Jackielion SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I relate to what Aidan Robinson says when she exemplifies that the homework student receiving homework is pointless in insuring a student’s understanding of the lesson. Many of my friends including myself usually do our homework before school because they simply do not have the motivation to finish it. Some students also have to do sports and they would have practice everyday after school then they stay up to do their homework or do a little at home then finish it at school the next morning.
Homework does sometimes help students understand and memorize the lesson but as it builds up the motivation to finish it is gone. Stress is such a prominent factor on how a student does it a class and also their mental health. With a student loses motivation to go class and try to pass it. Homework is causing many conflicts of a student’s life when it should be a breeze.

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