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Is the SAT Useless? MAG

April 6, 2009
By MMM__ BRONZE, Parlin, New Jersey
MMM__ BRONZE, Parlin, New Jersey
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Though it was well-written, I strongly ­disagree with Caitlin S.'s article “Is the SAT Useless?” I think that this test is not only a fair assessment of knowledge but a great measure of work ethic.

Caitlin points out that in school, some pupils can only get good grades by seeking extra help. Consequently, they don't perform well on the SAT. However, she doesn't mention that there are many SAT prep courses and books available to guide students to success.

But when it comes down to it, the test is supposed to measure academic promise, not a student's potential when helped by others. In addition, by getting a good score, you are showing colleges that you put time and effort into preparing for the test. Colleges want to know that the students they admit are going to step up when it counts, and this test is another way of assessing work ethic.

At 13, I have already taken the SAT twice. I think this test is perhaps the best way colleges can evaluate students, as the results reflect not only knowledge but work ethic.

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