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By Anonymous


I'm Cape Verdean sister. In the
eyes of many I am enormous
in thinking.

Discriminated by the persons
who envy my presence. I
myself stand out like a
unique bystander, noticed I
am by all walks of life, why?

Knowledgeable I am, not to
wonder what's beyond my
youthful colleagues, wonder
what's beyond my fleshy self.

True I'm unlike others, I
chose this way of thinking,
no one can understand, that's
why I am misunderstood.

Innocent I am, guilty I am,
perfect I'm not, successful I am,
life is to live the way I live
my life!!!

So on to the future, I still make
many wonder who am I,
the mirror cannot tell me, it
lies, lies to everyone. Talk
to yourself and get the truth. YOU!!

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