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Life with the Safety Off

November 23, 2007
By Anonymous

Wake up
The world can see you.
Wake up
The world can see you.
Get up
They’re judging.
Are you awake?
They’re watching you.
Rub your eyes
They’ve labeled you.
Yawn for me
Open your ears
Can you hear them?
“Look at those crocs and last year’s jeans,”
They think your makeup’s chalky, and your mascara is just too much.
I know you can hear the whispers, their laughter is shattering
And to your unbreakable smile I can see you clutch.
But they break you down slowly.
And finally it’s gone, that smile, oh so meek
I can see tears prickle in your eyes
And one little traitor slips down your silken cheek
And now they can watch you run
Your jeans ripped and mascara smeared
They can see you run
They can see you cry
They see you trip
They see you fall
And now
They can
Watch you

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on Dec. 16 2021 at 12:16 pm
ILiveToRead PLATINUM, Wailuku, Hawaii
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Please breathe for me. Live. Because the two of us can't both die. And I think it'd better be me.