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From Prejudice, To Pride

January 4, 2008
By Anonymous

From Prejudice, To Pride
From powder and mascara, to eye black and dirt.
Numerous designer jeans, to two sets of camouflage.
Butterfly clips and bows for looks, to a hard helmet for saving your life.
Purses made for display, to hand grenades and rifles for safety.
Best friends being there for you, to people who save your life.
Hot, long, showers, to icy chilled water and no time to spare.
Wishing you had everything, to wanting what you already have.
Watching fireworks in awe, to ducking and shielding yourself from any spark or flame.
Friends telling gossip about you, to comrads betraying your country.
Being born with greatness, to having greatness thrust upon you.
Friends whose shoulder you cry on, to friends who cry with you.
Being born with freedom, to having the opportunity of fighting for the same freedom.
From thinking of having a life not fully appreciated, to seeing the things you already have should be the most appreciated.

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