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October 22, 2010
By Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
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Man, don't i just HATE that word. It's annoying, but at the same time sad, it is heard everyday. Taunts.
Some are caused by insecurity, others kids were bullied and therefore are now bullied, but the absolute worst are the taunts caused by who u r.

In 7th grade since I'm Muslim and the 911 terrorists were Muslim there was a rumor that i was a terrorist. Even after, i hear little stupid bomb jokes. It pisses me off. Because, after all i can't help that i was born into a Muslim family and #2: It's just offensive. Even if I'm not a religious person, i still find it offensive. What if the terrorists were Jewish or Hindu? Or catholic? By stupid bomb jokes it's as if the taunters are saying, all Muslims r to blame for 911.
THAT ISN'T TRUE. the terrorists couldn't help their religion. And in theory, they probably thought they were good guys. Like in war, you see everybody thinking they're the good guy. The world is very diverse. Even in religions. You can b born into a certain family, but YOU get to choose who you want to be. You can change you religion, decide not to be religious, it's your choice.

Which was why it broke my heart when i saw on the news a huge protest in Manhatten over a Mosque.

But now, now this isn't about religion. This is about people taunting you for who you are. i can't stand the sight of people getting made fun of cuz of their race, religion, hobbies, or looks. It's disgusting. Some people don't think it's that big of a deal. Say there's a boy named Johnny who wears glasses and everyday taunters shout "hey Johnny four-eyes!!". And later, the taunters say "Ah, he doesn't care; he likes it". And then everyday when coming home, Johnny's sobbing. How were we to know? Because he didn't speak up. Small jokes can be offensive and saying stuff like it doesn't make you look like an intelligent person. In fact, now lets say Johnny is 24, he's got a job, still shy, and he still remembers his taunting nickname "Johnny four-eyes". And it even got him paranoid. That name is going to haunt him for life.
Some may not realize it, but words r extremely powerful. You can either have a negative or positive influence on someone's life. It all starts now. This is especially why taunting someone for who they r is the worse. Cuz i could tell u right now, if i heard another bomb joke, i might freeze up a little cuz it would take me back to 7th grade.
Taunting is a huge problem out there. A social one, really. But we can't demolish it today. But we CAN work on it. If u be nice to people, you may not THINK your making much of a difference but really, your saving them from a life of torture (like Johnny (J is NOT real I'm using it as an example just thought I'd clear that up)). School and other social situations shouldn't be hell. They should be comfortable. You could ignore words and walk away but in the end, they burn a hole through your heart.

And taunters have a reason to be guilty because they'll know they caused it.

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Though many of these r, not all the words here are mine. i combined conversations from my teacher, myself, and others.

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