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Dear Society

November 20, 2011
By Musicfeedsthesoul07 PLATINUM, Naperville, Illinois
Musicfeedsthesoul07 PLATINUM, Naperville, Illinois
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Dear Society,

Yes. Agnosticism is a religion. And no, I don’t wish to be converted. I’m not a wimpy atheist and I’m not a scorned Christian. You call me a non-believer? I’m a Hindu, a Christian, a Pagan, a Jew, a Muslim and a Buddhist. In all variations a polytheist, a monotheist and an atheist. Reasoning my way out of a decision you say? I am a pacifist, a Switzerland of sorts… in my mind wars and hatred are unnecessary, and spirituality comes from within. It shouldn’t matter and although I cannot say with clear conscience I am unbiased, I remain human and remain flawed but I can say I don’t care if you believe in Jesus or Moses, Krishna or Allah. You respect me I’ll respect you; I hold the right to tell you my religion without you calling me an “unguided soul”. I don’t want or need to be converted; I don’t want to be guided towards the “light”. I love Christmas and listen to Lady Gaga; I watch rom-coms and indulge in the occasional chocolate bar. I’m human and so are you. Look beyond my label and get to know me. If you don’t like me…too bad. I’m not changing for the world.



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