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Steadily She Sleeps

November 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Slow steady breathing. I hear her breath escape her lips. She fell asleep not too long ago. I lay there wondering what she may be dreaming. Not too long ago we had gotten caught in a summer rain storm and were drenched from head to foot. She had stopped suddenly in the down pour, she turned and we kissed. We kissed like it was an awful romance movie cliché. I wondered if that was what love felt like in the movies. Was there absolute bliss when his lips touched hers for the first time? Did her know how much she truly cared? Maybe that’s what it’s like in the movies but I don’t care about them, I’m here in the now with her. We wrapped in this slightly tattered quilt, warm and full of promise. She’s comfortable enough to fall asleep near me. Her heavy breathing makes me feel at ease. I wish this moment never had to end. But for now I’m just glad to know she’s here with me.

The rain, the lovely gift that falls from the sky. Washing whatever troubles, whatever problems, whatever over intended emotions away. I felt renewal when I stood there looking into her eyes, and her looking back into mine, sharing one another’s warmth. Joy and passion filled her kisses. It was the type of love that could be felt but never measured. I knew she loved me, but maybe I didn’t love her enough. I let her go. That love, the joy and passion that was felt seems gone now. By what design did I follow to end up here where I am now? All the feeling couldn’t bring me back to what I felt with her. I want to feel that love again. I will always have her here in my memory sleeping soundly in my arms. And I will always be in my head thinking and day dreaming about the days and nights we shared together. Thinking about the love I let go. Ill sit there with the sound of her breathing playing over and over in my head like a broken record.

The author's comments:
It's just a piece that I wrote when i was all lovey dovey with the girl it's about..Thats it..

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