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Shattered Memories

January 22, 2009
By Anonymous

In quite an unusual way,
She becomes beautiful each day.
Though passengers dead she’s still living,
One day they might be forgiving.
She was supposed to be unsinkable,
But what happened was unthinkable.
The Titanic was created,
But not yet born,
Once sunk it cultivated,
Never began another morn.
Some said good bye,
While others would cry.
Never to be seen again,
By their family or friends.
The saved were happy to be alive,
They fought and ran to strive.
Selfish amongst others,
Left children separated from their mothers.
Supposedly unsinkable soon became a lie,
How could such a strong ship leave ones to die?
Screams will never stop,
As the Maiden continues to rot.
Warning signals were given out,
Not listening because of doubt.
There weren’t enough life boats to survive,
Those that were scared jumped off to dive.
The victims were silenced by the screams,
Now turned a nightmare, were once dreams.
Traveling to America for a vacation,
Became a frantic plead for ample flotation.
The passengers have died, but will live on,
Only to see the bottom of the ocean, never dawn.
Left are their body and bones,
With broken hearts and souls.

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Beautiful! Keep up the good work!