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Free Rights

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

There was incident where I freely walked in to a hospital and told them my situation. They told me that it was under my free will and once they finished asking quetions, they told me that I could not leave. They started giving me a hastle and so I decided to walk out. Once they held me back against my will, I got extremely angry and said that they were violating my rights as a human being. They responded with "You are 16 years old, you have no rights." It enraged me so much! After all the hastle I was finally at home the next day. I started pondering upon their words and now I ask, do I have no rights? History books say that everyone is born with their own rights. Was the Bill of Rights only for a certain fraction of individuals? I do not understand how I can be denied of something that I thought was mine since birth. I guess to adults and those "among" others in society teenagers count as nothing. One day they will be proven wrong. Teenagers are the key to the future. We are the key to success. Yessenia Silva

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