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September 26, 2007
By Anonymous

I’ve thought about all the ways you touched my heart and I have no idea where to begin. You changed my life and things will never be the same again. You traveled in my mind to wherever I go but I guess I just grew accustomed to your shadow.

But I lost your glow and I’ve lost your face but all of a sudden, it reappeared out of the blue and as crisp as day/

Did I like you? Did I actually love you? Your gone physically but it feels like you never left.

I thought I finally forgot you and finally went forwards but now I feel like I’m reliving the past with you in my mind.

I don’t think I can really forget you or forgive you for the pain you have caused because if I did, you’d become a lost thought.

A baby cried or maybe I just imagined it as I sat in class today. My dreams with you and our kid does seem too realistic and scary but if that was the path we chose, we’d lose out of the goals we dreamt about and they’d die with our regrets. Maybe that dream was meant to seem as real as a baby crying, was trying to teach me a lesson like you never know what changed you as you changed me until that person is truly gone.

So for now, until I see you again, good bye and good luck. If it’s meant to be, it will happen but forget about what we could’ve had and move on with your life. Soon we’ll meet and I will be at ease knowing you’re a distant memory.

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