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just to live

November 19, 2007
By Anonymous

What matters? Not just to me, not just to you. What really matters?

Philosophers have been trying for ages to discover the purpose of life. The ultimate daunting question: what the heck am I here for?

Well, for me, it’s simply life. The only purpose in life, my life or any other, is just to live. There are a lot of sub-purposes of course. Some of us are destined to save villages from floods, some of us are destined to save dying tigers, and some of us are here to govern a country. But what is the ultimate purpose? One that can be generalized from the 5-year old baby to the 40-year old CEO. I think- it’s just life.
That’s it. That’s why we’re here. We’re here to live. Period. No questions asked. The purpose of life is to live.

And that’s what matters. Simply life. For me especially. And I hope for others as well; because we only get one chance at life, and what better way to spend it than live right? I do everything in my power to make sure that my life is great. One of my favorite quotes is, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” So, I’m not the CEO of google, I am not exactly rivaling Barack Obama in his presidential race either. But I do believe I am successful. I have a great life, and if I die tomorrow, I would still look back and say- hey, I had a great life.

I realize of course, that stuff happens. Life isn’t always a fluffy white tour through the clouds. Truly, stuff happens. But for me, life is just too important to allow things to get in the way. So, when things do happen, I usually just take a day off, sit down at home watching Gilmore Girls, eating pizza. Self-administered therapy sessions always work! And then there are books. Lots and lots of amazing books, courtesy of amazing writers everywhere. So when I feel like my own life is just too much to handle, I pick up my favorite piece of “chick lit” and journey through with a fictional friend. Not that it’s bad, or wrong to feel sad, or down, or even just plain ‘bleh’. Being sad is necessary. I actually take subtle pleasure in it. It ensures me that equilibrium exists. Because if life is indeed just a streak of happy highs, then I’d be afraid that something devastating is right around the corner. Because the ultimate law of the universe is one of balance. But, then again, it’s not exactly wise to get caught up in out unhappiness either.

So, life is my passion, through and through. My ultimate true love. It matters the most, and so every moment counts. Every tiny millisecond of it. It matters. It really matters.

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