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Perfect Imperfections

November 27, 2007
By Anonymous

Perfect Imperfections

While daydreaming about the new guy I was trying to pursue, I looked around the classroom at all of the teenage lovestruck girls like myself. Like most of us.
I often wonder what makes us like this. All giddy,shy and alien to our natural state of mind. Now that's something to ponder on.
But really, it's not that challenging to figure out. What do all girls want? Attention? Close but not quite. Shoes? Yes but that's for a different article. Females, since the beginning of time have desired to be beautiful. To not only be called beautiful, but feel beautiful.
Now the opposite sex has a great way of doing that. Don't they? Exactly. but, our gender is very insecure, no matter how confident we act or think we are, we're still insecure. I like to think of myself as a pretty confident African-American young lady, yet, I still admit that my flaws can occasionally bring me down.
Then, I think of him, that guy. the one who boosts me up constantly, plowing confidence in me. Using words and phrases like "most beautiful girl I have ever encountered" or "so very intelligent" or what about this one, " you are amazing, you're not like any girl I have ever met, you truly are incredible."... Now that's a way into a girls heart.
Beware though, of the jerky guy in a sweet guy disguise. Who doesn't want you for respectable reasons. Though his compliments may have an affect, it's not as rewarding as the sincere ones. You can tell the jerk ones right away, they use words like "hot" or delicious".They swap girls, like girls swap lipgloss. I believe girls cry enough in a lifetime(what with childbirth and all), so wasting tears over a guy to me isn't worth it at all. I try to avoid it as much as humanly possible.
We women fall in love too fast, and when we do, it's strong and hard. It's why we get hurt so much. That beautiful feeling guys provide so often blinds us from seeing what they're really looking for from us.
So what's my solution to this you ask? It's to wait. Play hard to get. A guy who is truly attracted to you, won't give up and lose interest. My advice to you is seek the guy who falls in love with your flaws, your values are just bonuses. A guy who no matter how much of a trainwreck you can be, is willing to hold on tight and stay on for the ride. The guy who absolutely adores your perfect imperfections.

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