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October 21, 2010
By horsegirl27 GOLD, Los Angeles, California
horsegirl27 GOLD, Los Angeles, California
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Favorite Quote:
A dog comes when called; a cat takes a message and gets back to you

Isn't it funny that adults are like "Don't smoke" or "Be nice to your brother" or "Stop cussing" and then you see them doing exactly that? Also, I;m sure we all know some annoying kid that likes to rat people out, like, say your texting in class (com'mon, don't deny it) and she like "Teacher! Maya is texting in claaaassss!" And you get in trouble and have to see the principle or something. Then when you come back, you see her texting and when you tell on her back, she makes it SOMEHOW dissapear, and shes out of trouble. So not cool.

The author's comments:
I chose the dog pic cuz it kinda looks like hes laughing

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