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What matters

January 30, 2008
By Anonymous

What matters
What matters to me
is it the whisper
of the willow trees
is it the scuffling
of the teens on the street
is it the drum of a human heart beat
is it my family
that make me smile
is it the sun
that makes me stay a while
is it those books
that hold the truth
is it my little sister
telling me about her lost tooth
is it that mountain
that I ride down once a week
do I go for the valley
or the peak
is it my friends that say they care
or is it the druggies on the street
who sit and stare
is it my future
that leads my hand
or is it the warmth
of my feet between the sand
to tell you the truth
its my darling love and friend
who will stay until the end
its his golden green eyes
who light up my skies
its his blonde hair
that warming stare
it's his heart and his hope
that keeps me here
he was my friend and I hold him dear
now i hold him closer
then before
I care about him so much
that it makes my heart sore
so you ask me what matters
and I sit and smile
as I hear him say "Stay a while."

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