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"Jonas Brothers are SOLD OUT!"

January 22, 2008
By Anonymous

"Jonas Brothers are SOLD OUT!"

I imagined taking so many pictures and having such a wonderful time...at the Jonas Brothers concert at the Louisville Palace in Louisville, Kenucky...

I heard about the Jonas Brothers concert coming to Louisville just a week before the tickets came out. I imediately told my mom and she said that I would have to pay for it, but later she changed her mind and decided just to get them for me for Valentine's Day. So, I got two of my friends to go and they gave me their money. We were all so excited. I bragged to my friends that I was going to see the Jonas Brothers.

Day: January 19th, 2008
The day the tickets came out.
After my Acting Class on that Saturday, my mom took me to Kroger, who sold Ticket Master tickets. We arrived just fifteen minuets after they went on sale. My mom went to the desk and said to the man, "I need 3 tickets to the Jonas Brothers." And the man immediately said, "They're sold out." She said, "Are you kidding me?" He said, "No, they sold out within 45 seconds."

I was very upset. I wanted to go so bad. When I got home, I went on eBay and searched for the tickets. There must have been 100 tickets just on eBay! I think that the police should like stalk ticket scalpers! It is not fair to us, the ones that ACTUALLY want to see the concert. Because I wanted to go really bad. And even with them being on eBay, they were still expensive. Originally, the tickets were $50. On eBay for two tickets
was $200. My mom wasn't going to pay $100 per ticket. I hate that. I wish someone could do something about it.

Hopefully the Jonas Brothers will come here another time. They've already been here twice.

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