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Dear Who Ever Cares,

February 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Dear Who Ever Cares,

Hi.This is a girl in the 'deeps of despiar' as my teacher would call it. Why am I like this you ask? I'm like this because I have friends. Well, people who call themselfs my friends. My 'friends' love to play so called jokes on me. Finding a suprise in my milk everyday gets old. They are very annoying too. They think that they're smarter than me and that I'm the biggest dumby they've ever seen. Sure, I have great friends besides this guys, but they aren't in any of my classes. One of my friends I've known since I was 1 has turned into a populartity freak who refuses to hang out with me if I'm around my really cool friends. Well, their cool in my mind. Oh yeah! How can I forget that her and my BFF from last year totally ruined my one of my best friendships by asking him out for me without permission! Now he barley talks to me! I'm in a really smart class, the only bad part is the people I'm with that went to my school last year. I was looking for a new start with a fresh, claen slate when I started middle school. But all I got was embaressmant and sadness. PLus, milk with surpises. But at least I have literature to pull me through it all!

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