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What Matters

March 10, 2008
By Anonymous

What Matters

Do I break the law? Yes, I do. Do I always enjoy breaking the law? No I do not. I break the law, along with about 75 percent of teenagers in my high school. When I break the law , it is not the moment that matters to me. It is limiting myself to only doing these things as little as possible so that it does not affect my future in any way.
In high school, to have friends you have to do drugs or get drunk. That is the bottom line. Whether it be once a week or once and hour, it has to be done. People like to think it isn’t true but even adults know that high school is this way and it looks as though it always will be.
Before I make myself look like a drug addict, I would like to say I am talking about alcohol and nothing more. It does not involve smoking, snorting, injecting or anything else I hopefully don’t know about or am just forgetting. My morals tell me that I shouldn’t drink alcohol at all, but my morals also tell me that only doing it once a month or so are okay and is necessary to maintain friendships.

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